Michael Kuehbandner has more than 20 years experience in all facets of the entertainment industry working in many diverse areas like show productions, concerts, TV shows, as well as corporate projects and architectural installations. Creative, innovative, ambitious, professional and sometimes radically different are taglines of his work and he would be happy to realize even the craziest visual ideas with you. The goal is to support clients with creativity, technical knowledge and advise them with news and the latest developments to enrich their shows and productions.

Michael Kuehbandner was born 1973 in Regensburg and is living together with his wife and his kids in Munich. He has completed his education as a technical drawer in 1992 and has been working after that in the entertainment industry as a freelancing lighting technician, lighting programmer, lighting designer and lighting director. Starting with small projects like fashion and trade shows, he soon went on to large scale international events, touring and TV shows. His work today includes programming, direction and creative lighting design as well as production planning, CAD drawing, consulting and technical conception on a large number of national, as well as overseas shows for brands like Audi, BMW, Samsung and Sony. His work was awarded with a Cannes Lion and his experience helped to set new standards for the lighting of various international live sports events. On the touring side of live he worked all over the world as lighting director and programmer on the whole spectrum, from "The Three Tenors" to "Soulfly".

Working together with many different worldwide well known and successful designers gained him experience and enhanced his view, learning from the different approaches every time again. An always friendly, professional and customer driven way of handling things, together with his taste, creativity and his courage to break new grounds are his best known characteristics.